Vince & Lorrae O’Rourke Facilitatorsvince lorrae o'rourke


Vince O’Rourke, author of I Wish I Were a Leper cared for his first wife who died from Alzheimer’s disease. The book details his care for her at home & in a nursing home.

Lorrae worked for Alzheimer’s Qld facilitating carer groups & education programmes. She was the primary family carer for her aged mother who had Alzheimer’s & other illnesses.

Vince & Lorrae also open their home in Nambour, Carers Outlook for family carers to have respite.


With Lorrae’s history of working with Alzheimer’s Queensland and working with many organisations and carers around the state, along with Vince’s personal experience as a full time carer of his first wife who had young onset dementia, it was no surprise that Vince & Lorrae would become involved in the Sunshine Coast Dementia Network shortly after moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2010.

Initiated by OzCare, who had been funded by HACC to establish dementia services around the state, the SCDN was in its infant stages when Vince & Lorrae were first asked to be involved. In late 2011, Vince and Lorrae were asked to continue the facilitation in on ongoing capacity and the SCDN has now evolved into an effective voice for people with dementia, their carers and staff.


We would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to ALL who have supported the Sunshine Coast Dementia Network. You have been part of its evolution to be an effective voice for people with dementia, their carers and staff.




Debbie Lewis Advocate, Sunshine Coast, ADA Australia"


Debbie has been an advocate with ADA Australia (formerly QADA) for over six years. She believes it is a privilege to be able to support some of the most vulnerable people and people who believe they can’t, or don’t, have the right to speak up. Throughout her working career in both Community Housing and Disability Employment advocacy has always been a core component.



Supporting people, including people with Dementia to be fully informed about their rights, responsibilities, entitlements and any other information required in order for them to make informed decisions, resolve issues or access services is of the utmost importance.