Don’t let dementia stop your next adventure!

ozcareroadtripsdementiaA booklet about hitting the open road – while living with dementia – has been launched by not-for-profit care provider, Ozcare, at Toowoomba’s Spring Home Show Camping and Leisure Expo.


Ozcare has a team of specialist dementia advisors based throughout Queensland – including the Sunshine Coast – and increasingly, the advisors are picking up on issues faced by older Australians who are pursuing their dreams of travelling around Australia during retirement.

Sue Radecker, one of the Ozcare advisors, is a keen traveller herself and wants people with dementia to be able to continue this lifelong interest. But she’s also seen the difficulties that couples can face when they set out on their trip of a lifetime, if memory loss or dementia is an issue.

“Being in a different environment, reading maps, working out where to find public toilets – these can pose challenges for anyone who is travelling, but can be harder when someone is living with memory loss or dementia,” Sue said.


“The key is being prepared and doing some homework before you go,” she went on to say, “For many people living with dementia, they can continue to travel and enjoy it greatly.”

The booklet sets out answers to some key questions, such as ‘What should we check before we go?’, ‘What should we take?’, ‘What should we consider while travelling?’ – and even ‘Who could we turn to for help if needed?’.

People with dementia have been involved in developing the content for the booklet, based on their experiences of road trips in Australia. The team hope that other travellers who are gearing up for a road trip will benefit from the advice in the booklet.

The booklet, called ‘Road trips: with dementia in mind’, can be downloaded from Ozcare’s website. The booklet is part of a new section on Ozcare’s site, specifically on dementia care. To get in touch with the Sunshine Coast office of Ozcare, telephone 1800 692 273.



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